Welcome to Marblar, the creative playground realising the promise of science.


Marblar was born out of a desire to see more science and patents make it to the real world, where they can have a positive impact as new products and services that make our lives better.

We allow inventors globally to showcase their patents to the world, and allow creative minds from all disciplines and experience levels the opportunity to imagine new products using these technologies. What’s more, close collaborations with commercial partners help ensure the most promising ideas get developed into real products, and that the community who worked on that idea (and the inventor who developed the technology) share in the reward.

While there’s a lot of reasons we can tell you for why we created Marblar, ultimately only one reason matters: to realize the promise of science.

Daniel Perez
Co-Founder & CEO
Dan’s a biochemist and occasional dual-PhD student at Oxford and The Scripps Research Institute, with a background in antibody engineering. He got his first taste of entrepreneurship by founding the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR) which now has >14,000 members across Europe, the US, and Singapore. His inspiration for Marblar came after being fed up with seeing so much science and technology lying dormant, and wanting to create new products… at scale.

When not working on Marblar (or feeling guilty about his lapsed studies) he’s usually consuming an unhealthy amount of political news, working out, or trying (in vain) to rediscover a social life.
Gabriel Mecklenburg
Co-Founder & COO
After finishing top of his class in the Materials Science at the University of Cambridge, Gabe decided to pursue a PhD at the intersection of materials science and regenerative medicine at Imperial College London. Two years in he offered his German operational and organizational services to the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable, and later joined the triumvirate that founded Marblar.

Gabe quickly lapsed on his PhD (to the disappointment of an entire country), but leads Marblar’s ops, and the preparation of all technologies on the site (as a Cambridge grad, he’s the real scientist amongst us). In his (very limited) free time he is a keen chef and dancer (neither of which he does well).
Tariq Rauf
Tariq had his first taste of programming when he was 9 years old and has been at it ever since. A relentless process optimizer with a keen eye for detail, Tariq built the Marblar platform & infrastructure.

When not working on Marblar (which is never), Tariq fantasizes about playing basketball, pumping iron and putting his Architectural qualification to use.
Simon Hunter
Product Development
Six years ago Simon left the green and verdant lands of Yorkshire to pursue his interest in Physics in London. After gaining Masters degrees in Physics and Organic Electronics from Imperial College, Simon began working with the Marblar team whilst in pursuit of a PhD from the same institution. Now he helps develop the ideas that all the creative Marblars post on the site along the path to realisation as products. In his free time Simon likes to listen to repetitive music in dark rooms.

IP Group plc
IP Group is a London venture capital firm that exclusively invests in early-stage intellectual property. IP Group passes on a lot of investments in early-stage IP as it’s often difficult to see the market opportunity such early stage research. They invested in Marblar as they saw immediate potential in finding investable opportunities via the platform.

Professor Graham Richards, CBE
Venture Partner, IP Group plc
As the former head of Chemistry at the University of Oxford, Graham is another one of Marblar’s wise men that bestows his decades of wisdom on the team. Graham has a wealth of experience in the commercialisation of early-stage research from multiple sides of the fence – as an academic, entrepreneur, technology-transfer director, and investor.
Professor Hagan Bayley, FRSC, FRS
Founder, Oxford Nanopore Technologies
When Hagan's not out creating a disruptive company (such as Oxford Nanopore) or leading a high-octane research group in the go-go halls of Oxford's Chemistry department, he can be found mentoring the Marblar team. Hagan is also one of those rare Brits who has spent enough time Stateside to have the New York Times as his homepage.
Sir Greg Winter, CBE, FRS, FMedSci
Serial-Entrepreneur & Master of Trinity College, Cambridge
Sir Greg is one of the most prolific entrepreneurial scientists to come out of the UK in recent years, having invented a technology that is used in most of the biggest pharmaceutical drugs in the world today. Moving science forward is child’s play for Sir Greg, and he has been very helpful as one of our advisors.
Robert Trezona
Investment Associate, IP Group plc
Robert has been involved with Marblar from the very beginning; initially as our first customer, then as an investor. Robert's main interests lie in looking for the most promising investable opportunities in clean tech.
Marc Ventresca
Strategy, Innovation and Marketing Faculty at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
As a faculty member in Oxford's business school, Marc has seen his fair share of interesting ideas. Marc has been helping guide the Marblar team since the beginning, and has been instrumental in teaching us about strategies to boost innovation.