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Date Posted: 31 Nov, 2014


We are recruiting a full time electronics engineer to join our growing technical team. You’d be involved at all stages of product development, from initial Arduino-based prototyping through to PCB/firmware design, optimisation and manufacture. Therefore the role would be ideally suited to an ambitious generalist with a strong and diverse technical background, who doesn’t want to be confined just to one niche of the product development process.

Working alongside the other designers/engineers/scientists in the technical team, you will have the opportunity to be directly responsible for a number of projects touching every part of the development process, having ultimate responsibility for delivery of the project’s electronics component. This will initially involve a lot of brainstorming, prototyping, and testing of solutions for specific technical issues, which will evolve into the design of more and more sophisticated prototypes, the sourcing of a variety of suitable suppliers/manufacturers, and ultimately the management of a team within our growing company. In the process of this, you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in every aspect of the growing business.

In the immediate future, your primary responsibilities will be for the design and development of microcontroller-based circuits and PCBs to interface with multiple sensor inputs, as well as developing circuitry and wiring looms for mechanically flexible systems.

Requirements: Resourceful: this is one of the most important things we’ll look for (and which can definitely make up for lack of experience in specific areas). In your application, we want to see evidence that when in a bind you can hack together a solution, or get clever to figure things out.

- Strong academic background in Electronics Engineering, or a related field.
- Solid understanding of electronics design, especially embedded systems (both hardware and firmware).
- Experience working with sensors, signal processing
- Highly preferable (but not required): Experience with developing and taking to manufacture low power consumption (consumer) products.
- Highly analytical and creative, excellent communication skills
- Demonstrates good judgement, impeccable character, takes pride in their work, can act decisively, genuinely curious and wants to learn, passionate about delivering.
- Can tell (and take) a good joke

Salary: Competitive + meaningful equity

Location: London (Camden)

Interested candidates should send their cover letter and CV to with the subject: “Electrical Engineer: Your Surname”