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Date Posted: 12 Jan, 2015


We are recruiting a full-time person to join and help lead our Business Development team. We’re seeking someone who would be comfortable designing novel sales / traction strategies to recruit early customers, thinks analytically and tactically towards testing different strategies, confident in selling directly to someone, and can cut through the noise to pick up the signal of what the customer is telling us. We’re developing a health care device for chronic illness, and while a health care background is not needed, the ideal candidate would be curious enough to want to deeply understand the product, market and customer profile.

We’re also big believers in letting you own your role, and so this position would allow (and require) significant independence and creativity. We’re a small and close-knit team, but we love recruiting people who show lots of initiative, seek out responsibilities, and want to have a big impact.

In the immediate future you will be testing various strategies to recruit early customers, collect feedback from them, feed that back into the product development strategy, and help us scale our sales/distribution. If you’re passionate about marrying science and business, and working with a small dynamic team that’s aiming high - we really hope you consider this position.

Requirements: Resourceful: this is one of the most important things we’ll look for (and which can definitely make up for lack of experience in specific areas). In your application, we want to see evidence that when in a bind you can hack together a solution, or get clever to figure things out.

- Bachelor’s or higher (minimum: 2.1, ideally 1st). Science / engineering not required
- Experience in sales or dealing with customers. *A fluency in marketing (especially designing marketing strategies towards capturing early customers) is a benefit but not requirement.
- Highly analytical and creative.
- Excellent communication skills.
- Demonstrates good judgement, impeccable character, takes pride in their work, can act decisively, genuinely curious and wants to learn, passionate about delivering.
- Can tell (and take) a good joke.

Salary: Competitive + meaningful equity

Location: London (Camden)

Interested candidates should send their cover letter and CV to with the subject: “BD: Your Surname”