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Electronics engineer
Camden, London
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Camden, London
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Camden, London

Marblar is a VC-funded healthcare product development company based in Camden (London, UK). Working as a small, agile team with a diverse background, we're developing a device to allow patients to better track and manage a very prevalent chronic disease. What makes us different is the simultaneous deep focus on (a) understanding the medical condition, patient needs, and market dynamics in question, (b) excellent engineering, and (c) intuitive, user-centric design.

We're a diverse group of people (hailing from the UK, Germany, Austria, the US, and India), who collectively have tried their hands at Life Sciences, Medicine, Product Design, Full-stack software development, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, and Materials Science, before finally finding our calling in empowering people to take charge of their own health. We all work really hard, but love working and spending time together. Each day we go out to lunch together (on the company dime) to one of the many restaurants in walking distance here in Camden. It’s often over these meals that some of our best ideas come out. We also host a weekly book-club at the company, where one of us identifies some interesting articles (on product development, strategy, science, branding, etc) and we go over them together. It helps ensure we’re all learning a lot, and are each aware of the whole business.

We’ve recently closed our latest investment round, bringing our total capital raised to-date to $2.5M, ensuring we have the capital and resources to bring our first product to market. To that end we’re looking to expand our team, and are currently hiring for the positions listed on this page. If you think you have the outsized ambition (just on the right side of delusions of grandeur) needed to join us in our quest to fix some of biggest challenges facing our society in the coming decades, drop us a line.

Even if don’t quite fit the bill for any of the listed positions, we’re always open for a chat with ambitious, bright people looking for a new challenge - drop Gabriel a line at