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Thermostats are notoriously inefficient and wastes a lot of energy when you forget to turn the temperature down while you are out.

by YingYing Wu
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9 votes

Condition based Preventive maintenance is a major challenge especially for aircraft/automotive industry. Even NASA is working on a cost effective solution in the name of Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) system to avert time based maintenance. This type of...

+ 3 others
3 votes

Google have recently expressed their interest in co-developing a smart contact lens-based biosensor for diabetes management. I have just finished writing a paper on the current scope for these technologies with colleagues at the University of Cambridge, UK, and...

by Nick Farandos
+ 7 others
9 votes

Under Cook Over Cook Meats Less Product Waste Saves Restaurants Invertory

by Jermarr Barber
+ 6 others
6 votes

Example 1 Scanning for Nano Defects Measuring Nano-Defects on Hard Disk Drive Platters Using Laser-Doppler Vibrometry Nano-defects on the surface of today’s hard disk drive (HDD) platters are both difficult to find and...

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