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Pet medicine is a fast growing field and the US pet insurance market is estimated to be $ 55 billion in 2013 and vet visits for procedures in the US to be $14 billion - a 400 % increase...

by Eswar Ramalingam
+ 4 others
8 votes

Plague buildup caused by inflammation in a blood vessel is very deadly.It can cause a stroke or heart attack.Inflammation of these blood vessels is a warning sign of impending danger which this devise can show in time to a...

by Leonard Morelli
+ 10 others
4500 marbles available

As the beneficiary of joint reconstruction and repair, I have endured several bouts of rehabilitative therapy. On the road to recovery, the measurement of range-of-motion was a concern, with programs devised to increase that range. While I have never...

by Tim Kubinak
+ 4 others
6 votes

The technology behind the radiation shield can generate applications far beyond their intended use. The intent behind this idea is to deconstruct the constituent parts of NASA’s radiation shield technology into distinct modules and reconfigure the relevant modules through...

by Eswar Ramalingam
+ 2 others
7 votes

Control of intra-ocular pressure at demand (specific pressure elevation range)

by Carlos E. Goicochea
+ 1 other
2 votes
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