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CARPO-TEST - Test a daily/weekly workload to see your risk at aquiring Carpal tunnel
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Artwork does not show text: KS = Key Strokes (similar to pedometer) and RF = Risk Factor (measured by RGB or mono-chromatic LED meter/display) I took more than 2 minutes to make my artwork this time around. Adobe Illustrator & PS


Ligaments that move during finger and wrist movements can be calculated into regional sensors that via wireless fidelity produces a reading to your smart phone;CPU, email or direct to your doctor. This can measure the amount of computer usage you are doing and beep along the way to carpal hell ... or prevention.

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Derrick Kendrick 8 marbles awarded 25 Oct 13

Pressure activated wireless communication could be used as an additional option to your concept. The wireless connectivity could be connected to the wristband or massage bracelet. Based on pressure calibrations and prolonged wrist motion (you metioned) the bracelet is activated. Of course, the design could be customized to personal user settings.

Akima Webb (Idea submitter) 25 Oct 13

Thanks, that makes sense. I'm new so I'm still trying to figure out how to combine techs. I'll add this.

Barry Nicholson 8 marbles awarded 25 Oct 13

I think this could be a good software product, if it doesn't already exist, since the computer you're using can do the work without wearing anything.

Akima Webb (Idea submitter) 8 marbles awarded 28 Oct 13

Very true Barry, and thanks. Wow, a two-way street idea. I work as a Designer 8 hours a day and I've noticed telephone usage also... CD Machine... even flipping through papers. I'll see how I can incorporate what you are saying into this (still trying to figure out adding techs to an idea on here). In whole, measuring an entire work-space would be a great goal.

Akima Webb (Idea submitter) 8 marbles awarded 29 Oct 13

Software that would be great to inject:

Zsolt Samson 8 marbles awarded 29 Oct 13

Hi Akima, there are quite a few passive Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) prevention devices out there (wrist brace, ergonomic keyboard). Would your device able to prevent CTS or it just monitors wrist movements and sends warning messages?

Derrick Kendrick 8 marbles awarded 29 Oct 13

It would be better if it could perform both if its cost effective and proves to be better than existing design.

Akima Webb (Idea submitter) 8 marbles awarded 30 Oct 13

I was thinking the "Average" person could wear this at work or home or children on tablets and phones ... like me as 33 Graphic Designer. After some research of what readings could predict/prevent a high to low risk work environment. E.g. 2300 KS

+ (or movement) a week vs. 9000 KS + (or movement) a week which I'm assuming after 4-5 years could increase your risk.

Akima Webb (Idea submitter) 8 marbles awarded 31 Oct 13

I thought the cost would range about $150 for two. But if a mass manufaturing of this was amde it coudl cut the cost to a "Consumer $100"

james galgocy 8 marbles awarded 30 Oct 13
excessive use/repetitive motion causes the median nerve to swell....can cause tingling...need to add a sensor for swelling that may indicate a problem.....just my as an engineer and am always looking for special tooling to reduce this problem.....
Akima Webb (Idea submitter) 8 marbles awarded 30 Oct 13

Wow, that makes sense. I have little knowledge outside of what people say at work. Maybe if all original pressure sensors all increase at the middle or same time could indicate swelling. Because from your comment, Keystrokes will vary from person to person. Your wrist might swell fast due to diet etc. This is very important, Thanks James!

Gabriel Mecklenburg 8 marbles awarded 30 Oct 13

Hey, I think there's a potential of turning this into the Nike Fuel band for office workers. It's probably easier to measure keystrokes on the device itself, but this could be worn all day, be used between devices and have a very simple LED indicator telling you when to take a break from typing. It doesn't even need to be hugely accurate to fulfil its function.

I think this could be a nice, simple, attractive product if marketed right.

Akima Webb (Idea submitter) 8 marbles awarded 30 Oct 13

EXACTLY! parents having their kids use it to manage electronic device and video game use. I appreciate the additional info you've provided. I also posted a link of the software that exist for CPU hardware. Hopefully with that company and or someone like NIKE could give this idea a boost. I'm not selfish, If it works, contributers get CA$H!

Fingers crossed :)

Do you know if there are any other devices out there that do something similar (from a health perspective?

Akima Webb (Idea submitter) 30 Oct 13

Image below is Copyrighted by Nike®. Only used as a visual for inspiration.

Akima Webb (Idea submitter) 8 marbles awarded 30 Oct 13

Gabriel, no. Only software which means half the work and technology already exist, jut not one as a whole --- with the right eyes and marketing plan this could be about a good multipurpose consumer product with . Thanks again.

Zsolt Samson 8 marbles awarded 30 Oct 13

I can see this being integrated to Livestrong wristband also developed by Nike:

Mehmet Fidanboylu 8 marbles awarded 01 Nov 13

Akima this is a really neat idea!

Have you thought about extending the usage beyond carpel tunnel to also include more general repetitive strain injuries in a broader sense, such as 'tennis elbow' ?

Mehmet Fidanboylu Top Contribution 48 marbles awarded 01 Nov 13

I can imagine a product like this gelling nicely with Samsung:

Akima Webb (Idea submitter) 8 marbles awarded 01 Nov 13

I played sports but know little about tennis elbow. I'll have to ask my massage therapist wife. The Pat. Tech that was used only spoke of the tendon area of the wrist.

Akima Webb (Idea submitter) 01 Nov 13

visiting link now. I appreciate your feedback!!!!

Henry K 8 marbles awarded 01 Nov 13

Hi, pregnant woman have a much higher risk than others to get CTS, even this is for a limited time. And of cause noone wants that pregnant woman have such troubles. Therefore the device might become a standard part of the medical prevention for pregnant woman.

Zsolt Samson 8 marbles awarded 09 Nov 13

I think this product would be of interest to the Quantified Self community [1] as well with hundreds of groups all around the world.


Antoinne Parker 8 marbles awarded 09 Nov 13

I just read the information from the link... and I'm blown away because any tech that can be used to help people touches me. My mother-in-law could only speak, hear and see... and years ago we equipped her with a voice phone, voice activated T.V., lights etc. So I invent with the thoughts of what can be used by almost anyone.

Appreciate your contributions Zsolt!

Jose Rey 16 marbles awarded 10 Nov 13

Excellent idea. The idea also applies to industrial settings, where carpel tunnel syndrome has been around for much longer and is prevalent. This application of the technology reminded me of a recent Freakonomics article/podcast where the authors analyze the carpel tunnel syndrome phenomenon of the 80s/90s and its history.

The wristband could also be used as an educational device that would teach you correct wrist position and movements when typing. It could use the collective knowledge from many users plus expert input to give you cues (sounds/lights/voice/computer pop-ups) to modify the way you move your wrists or fingers. It would be like having an expert guide you through correct position and movement. Kids at school could be encouraged to use it while using school computers for example. The learned behavior would of course last you a lifetime, even if you just used the wristband for a finite amount of time.

Akima Webb (Idea submitter) 8 marbles awarded 10 Nov 13

@Jose Rey, I created a new invention on here and it was "Deleted" somehow , but it included my invention in a compilation of other tech that did something similar to waht you are describing. Great thoughts and Contributions, I had to read your link to my 7 year old daughter because I understand the site is for consumers, but people for good health also defines a particular consumer. I appreciate your input and the idea tht can be interjected.

small idea for big use, patent it and sell to jewelry companies, that will be a hit.

Derrick Kendrick 8 marbles awarded 12 Nov 13

The wristband can be designed for different workload settings. The calibration of the wristband could entail general use (average users), sports setting (moderate to frequent use), and industrial model for more robust fit and extreme hand, wrist,arm, shoulder motion. Possible smartphone app utilized by user to relay real time information on a day to day basis. Feeding on information relayed in discussions, software will interact with user of the product to consider alternate wrist movements based on software feedback. Lastly, based on collected data from software it may advise user of different calibration settings to prevent carpal tunnel or minimize the effects of it in the workplace, sports settings, or manufacturing facilities etc.

Akima Webb (Idea submitter) 8 marbles awarded 13 Nov 13

I get what your saying... This is a concept, so once a "Marketing" dept. applies different usages, versions & models, you never know what can spawn from the idea. I would like for my 7 year old daughter to be limited with her tablet... she helped me by telling me about a program on Kindle that I knew nothing about. Timers. Kid pic for you.

Exactly Akima..

Jose Rey 8 marbles awarded 13 Nov 13

Another embodiment of the wristband could be the same electronics within a flexible band for smart watches or iPod Nano. This embodiment wouldn't need the LED display as it would use the smart watch or iPod display. I see you have already mentioned connecting it to smart phones, tablets, and computers. In those cases, the LED display might not be needed as the device could use the other device's display.

this would be great for those of us that use our thumbs for constantly scroll up and down on smart devices. Our phones and iPads.