Turn patented science into new products and earn a cut of the royalties.

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Getting Started with Marblar
An easier way for you to invent products that make a difference, and earn big.

Marblar gives you the opportunity to turn hand-selected patents from world-leading labs into new products through collaborative product development.

We've also lined up manufacturing partners, such as Samsung, who are ready to build your product and share the royalties with you.

Top technologies to inspire your next product ideas

We work with the world's leading research institutions to dig out the most promising patented technologies, so you can use them as a basis for your next big idea.

Including technologies from:

+ others
The collective force realizing the promise of science

By sharing and collaborating on product ideas on Marblar, you gain access to a global community with the know-how to help turn your idea into reality. Worried about financial projections? Need help ironing out technical details? No problem.

The Marblar process is designed to let everybody play to their strengths:

Hover over the phases to learn more. Tap on the phases to learn more.
All ideas start their life on Marblar as a kernel of inspiration outlining a problem and identifying a solution using technology.
We ask questions like "Who's the customer?", "What's the market size?" to determine if ideas are good commercial opportunities.
"How do we build a prototype?", "What are the technical milestones?"... answer questions like these to get through this phase.
Success! If your idea gets this far one of our commercial partners are working on turning your idea into a real product.
An ownership currency for every idea you're involved in

Whether you add your own idea, or help develop someone else's, you'll earn marbles and be able to track your ownership stake as it progresses.

Your idea developed into a real product

If your idea makes it through the process, our commercial partners will develop it into their next big product, without you spending a penny. What's more, our Commercial Partners will share 10% of the value of the royalties with you and your fellow Marblars who came up with the idea.

Your ideas developed by:
Ready to join others creating the next big things?

By registering I acknowledge that I'm over 18 years old and agree to the Terms of Use.

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